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Bright Tech Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, your number one source for all your construction needs. We are dedicated to give you the stylish housing solutions and latest technologies by prioritizing Integrity and Professionalism.

Commencement of the Business.

Established in 2007, over fourteen years of experience in the engineering industry and seeing an opportunity for growth, Derrick Samarasekara (High court Lawyer) along with our professional team, Malinda Perera (Electrical engineer), Subodha Perera (Civil engineer), Kamantha Chathuranga (Civil Structural engineer) and Shahan Theekshana Liyanaarachchi (Cheif Engineer) joined together to establish Bright Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Our marketing manager Trevin Neydroff he also joined Bright Holdings, which is on a new path in the construction industry, helping to strengthen the company. Company is achieving steady growth through its commitment to customer satisfaction and its core values.

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Bright Holdings provide services to the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets undertaking a multitude of projects ranging in price and scale. Its flexibility has enabled the company to generate relationships and capture opportunities to grow and become a well-respected construction company expanding across in Sri Lanka. The main purpose is to transact in an intimate manner by gaining the trust of our clients and to reach the goals of both the parties without exploiting the Clients.
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As a residential, commercial and industrial builder, Bright Holdings adopts a disciplined and consistent approach each and every time we take on projects… regardless of size or scale. Our conservative approach ensures all projects tendered for are competitively priced with adequate resources assigned to ensure high quality delivery in a timely manner. Our strict internal processes and strength in project management have served our clients well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

We value our client’s feedback. We are here for the long haul and you can rest assured Bright Holdings has superior skills, experience, strength in resources, and the financial capacity to price, construct and deliver projects ranging from simple renovations through to complex millions of rupees projects in a timely fashion.

Our company vision is to become a leader within the construction industry throughout in Sri Lanka. Our focus and effort are continually driven toward constantly improving our reputation as builders known for quality custom residential and upper residential homes, commercial and industrial projects.

Bright Holdings aims for ‘future growth’ by strengthening relationships with existing clients, architects, developers, government and private organizations whilst proactively seeking new opportunities nationally. By ensuring a reliable service to clients, we can ensure that new clients are protected from fraudsters in the construction industry. At the same time, our client's unreasonable fears about the construction industry will disappear.

Management recognizes each stage – estimating, tendering and construction – as critical components within the risk management model, but also vital steps toward developing trust with new and existing clients. As a result, we constantly maintain clear links of communication throughout the organization.

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